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The Old Shop

Old postcard of the main street, showing the shop
Thank you to Sam Homes, formerly of Kington Antiques & Interiors, for providing this old photograph that was given to her.  It shows the main street and the shop at no. 13 as it was then.

Kington St Michael shop in 1989

The shop at 13 Kington St Michael was next to the Club and was one of two in the village at the time - the above photo was taken in 1989.  (The other being a Post Office & shop at the corner of Stubbs Lane - look closely in the wall there and you can see where the post box used to be! That one then closed in 2003 and re-opened in part of the village hall in 2004).

After the shop above closed, no. 13 became offices, including Typegrafix printing company from around 1999 to 2004.

Typegrafix, 13 KSM

By 2008 it was a catering company (Baraka) and in 2011 Kington Antiques & Interiors:

Baraka Catering Kington Antiques

In 2015 its use changed again, this time to a café.  However, Folly Row Café closed in early 2020, sadly impacted by Corona virus:

Folly Row Cafe

 FRC loyalty card FRC loyalty card, reverse

Folly Row Café loyalty card 2020

However, In August 2020, the café re-opened under new management and with a new name - Kington Café.

Kington Café