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"Leave nothing but your footprints"

WOW is an informal group and has no committee; we meet for the common purpose of a chat and a breath of fresh air. We started walking on summer evenings in 2005 and have since continued on Friday mornings.

We walk monthly and anyone is welcome to take the lead. Walks are advertised in the village website's diary and through the village news section in the Gazette and Herald - sometimes we put up posters. We also liaise with the Parish Council.

If you would like further information please contact Delcia Fussell (01249) 750529.  Please note that, due to various difficulties encountered, WOW walks are dog-free.

Maps of Kington St Michael's footpaths are available form the village shop at only £3.99.

For information on different types of rights of way, who is responsible for them and how to report a fault click here. Further information can be found on Wiltshire Council's website.

Countryside Access: Finding Your Way, Government advice sheet.

Useful Websites:

The Countryside Code
Countryside Access
The Ramblers Association
www.walkweb.org/ (with walks in Wiltshire)
Wiltshire Council - Rights of Way Information
http://www.wiltshirelaf.org.uk/ (Wiltshire Local Access Forum)

Next Walks
Details from Delcia Fussell on (01249) 750529.  We meet at 10am at the end of The Close on the following dates:

Friday 6th September
Friday 4th October
Friday 1st November
Friday 13th December
Friday 3rd January, 2020
Friday 7th February

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During November 2011 the footpaths officers spent 3 days walking the parish's footpaths and noting work to be done. Anyone who would like to see a copy of the report should contact kingtonstmichael@btinternet.com.

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Walk Reports 2019

Friday 5th July: The weather has been a controlling factor with regard to our walks over the last two months; in June it was so wet that we had to cancel the walk.  By contrast, it was so hot on the first Friday in July that there were only two of us wanting to brave the heat.  We enjoyed a stroll around the Nymph Hay Wood where the meadow cranesbill were flowering in profusion and then made our way back to Delcia’s garden to sit in the shade and enjoy a coffee. 

Friday 10th May:
On a glorious May morning, 11 ladies set off down Grove Lane, into Easton Piercy Lane and across fields to a private wood, for our annual treat - the spectacular sight and scent of bluebells. Crossing two more fields, we walked over the M4 footbridge to Leigh Delamere and onto the service station for coffee before returning to the village through the Millennium Wood. Thanks to Bill and Pat Isaac for allowing us, once again, to visit their wood.

Friday 5th April: Ten ladies met for our April walk and we set off across the fields behind the school and on to Down Farm, where we took the bridleway to Grove Lane.  We saw primroses, white and blue violets and early cowslips and bluebells.  We returned to the village via The Priory and the Nymph Hay Wood.  Then it was on to The Jolly Huntsman for a welcome coffee.  

Friday 1st March: It was a fine day for our March walk, when ten of us met at the top of The Close.  We set off through the churchyard, where there were still a few snowdrops in flower, and then took the footpath alongside the Old Rectory, which was very overgrown with brambles in parts. We made our way to Lodge Farm and the dual carriageway and after a very noisy few minutes alongside the traffic, we headed into the relative quiet of Jacksoms Lane, followed by a walk up through the woodland to Kington Langley.  Our route back to Kington St Michael took us down Coffin Way, back across the dual carriageway and on for a welcome coffee in The Jolly Huntsman.  We had enjoyed seeing masses of primroses, crocuses and daffodils on our route.  A definite sign that spring is just around the corner. 


Friday 8th February: It was a very wet and windy day when seven of us braved the elements and set off for our February walk.  Due to the strong winds we decided on a shorter walk than normal, taking a route across the playing fields, into the Nymph Hay Wood and on through the grounds of The Priory to Easton Piercy Lane.  We were delighted to see lots of snowdrops as we made our way back along the road to Kington St Michael where we enjoyed a welcome coffee at Folly Row Café. 


Friday 4th January: Another bright day for our New Year walk.  Twelve of us set out from the village along the lane to Stanton St Quintin.  We took the footpath through the barn conversions and across the fields to Stanton Wood, where the hazel catkins were the first sign of spring.  After a short stretch along the road we stopped for welcome refreshment at the motorway services, before continuing along the road back to Kington St Michael.

Walk Reports 2018

Friday 14th December: A dry, crisp day for our December walk, when ten of us set off across the playing fields, through the Nymph Hay Wood and the grounds of The Priory and out onto Easton Piercy Lane. After a short stretch along the road, which was icy in places, we took the bridleway alongside Manor Farm and then headed across the fields to Leigh Delamere. The return journey was along the road before ending the morning with a very enjoyable lunch at The Jolly Huntsman. Thank you to everyone who has supported WOW during 2018 and looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Friday 9th November: Many thanks to Viv for leading the walk this month, which took the route around the lanes to Stanton Wood and then back along the main road. A welcome stop for coffee was made at the motorway services, thus avoiding the heavy rain shower.

Friday 5th October: Many thanks to Jenny for leading the September walk. On a bright morning nine of us set off up Tor Hill footpath and across the fields to The Plough, where we crossed the road and made our way along the busy dual carriageway to Jacksoms Lane. We came up through the woodland to Kington Langley and then made our way back to Kington St Michael via Coffin Way, crossing the dual carriageway with care and then taking the direct route across the fields back to The Jolly Huntsman for a welcome coffee.

Friday 7th September: It was a glorious autumnal day when nine ladies left the village via Grove Lane towards Easton Piercy.  We took the second footpath, crossing a field, then a bridge over a stream, and we headed over fields towards Yatton Keynell. After joining another Grove Lane, we walked on a footpath across several fields, through woodland and back to Easton Piercy.

Friday 3rd August: Too hot for a long walk today so nine of us set off across the playing fields, through The Priory and out to Easton Piercy, where we took the bridleway alongside Manor Farm.  We crossed the fields and the motorway bridge leading into Leigh Delamere and from here made our way to the services for a much needed drink. After a lengthy break we walked back to the village along the road.

Friday 6th July:
It was a very warm and sunny day when seven of us met for our July walk. We headed through The Ridings, across the playing fields and took a path round the Nymph Hay wood. Coming out on the lane we headed for the footpath across the fields of the equestrian centre where we saw two mares with their foals. From Stanton Lane we headed up the bridleway and then across two more fields to the wood. There was quite a bit of cutting back needed around the stiles but soon we were in the shady woodland for a while. Finally we made our way back to the village and Delcia’s garden to enjoy a cool drink in the shade.


Friday 1st June: It was overcast but not actually raining when seven of us met for our June walk, so we decided to head for Bolehyde Manor but the route was fraught with difficulties. The long grass in the first three fields meant we were all pretty wet by the time we reached Down Farm. Next we encountered a very aggressive electric fence across the public right of way, in two places, which made it impossible to cross the field. We detoured along the road to the footpath to Haywards Farm only to find a large and muddy field confronting us. At this point we decided to make our way back to Kington St Michael down the bridleway and along Grove Lane. Everyone remained cheerful despite the difficulties and we enjoyed a very welcome cup of coffee at Folly Row Café.

Friday 4th May: We welcomed a new member this month, as fourteen of us gathered on a sunny morning for our annual walk in Easton Wood, by kind permission of Bill Isaac. We left the village via the playing fields, the Nymph Hay Wood and the grounds of The Priory and then made our way to the wood. The bluebells were just coming into flower and the orchids were in full bloom and looking at their best. We enjoyed strolling through the mass of bluebells and also saw a rare herb paris plant. As we left the wood we spotted a fox crossing the field before we walked on to Leigh Delamere. We passed more bluebells in the woods on our way to the motorway services where we stopped for a welcome coffee before walking back to the village. Thank you Bill for allowing us to share the beauty of your ancient wood once again.

Friday 6th April: Following the cancellation of the March walk due to snow, it was good to have a dry and bright day for the April walk. However, the weather had been very wet, which meant that walking across the fields was not a good idea and so 14 of us set off down Stanton Lane where the primroses, white violets and celandines were blossoming in profusion. When we reached Stanton itself we walked past the church and across two muddy fields to the wood where the track was reasonably dry. We stopped for a welcome coffee at the motorway services before heading back to the village along the road.

Friday 2nd February: A bright clear day when 16 ladies met for our February walk.  As we made our way down Stubbs Lane we could see the snowdrops and primroses in the churchyard coming into bloom.  Our route then took us along the footpath adjoining the Old Rectory where we were delighted to find that considerable cutting back had taken place.  We then headed for Lodge Farm where we were greeted by three friendly llamas.  After a noisy stretch along the dual carriageway, we turned down Jacksom’s Lane and then up through Morrell Wood, where we saw more snowdrops and aconites. Finally we made our way through Kington Langley, spotting a few early daffodils before turning down Coffin Way.  Back across the main road we crossed two more fields before a small group of us visited Folly Row Café for a welcome coffee.

Friday 12th January: Fourteen of us gathered for our first walk of the new year. As everywhere was pretty muddy, we headed along the road to Stanton St Quintin, where we were delighted to see a few primroses beginning to come into flower. The weather was perfect for walking as we passed the church and took the footpath through the fields to the woodland. When we reached the road we headed for a welcome coffee at the motorway services. Finally we crossed the motorway footbridge which enabled us to use the quieter slip road before joining the main road back to Kington St Michael.