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Neighbourhood Plan
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Steering committee: Samantha Griffin, John Hall (Chairman), Rob Griffin, Stuart Harrison, Claire Marlow, Matt Morris, John Newton, Will Roe, Gay Sealy and Rick Squires.

Kington St Michael Parish Council is in the process of forming a Neighbourhood Plan. 

The formal application for Designation of Kington St Michael Parish as a Neighbourhood Area was approved on the 2nd September 2015. The work of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group can now proceed.

Neighbourhood planning is a right for communities introduced through the Localism Act 2011.  Communities can shape development in their areas through the production of Neighbourhood Development Plans, Neighbourhood Development Orders and Community Right to Build Orders.

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If you are interested in becoming involved with the formation of Kington St Michael’s Neighbourhood Plan, and/or would like to join the steering group, please contact Viv Vines, Clerk to KSM parish council, on (01249) 657695 or email ksmparishclerk@gmail.com. Visit http://www.neighbourhoodplanning.org/ for more information.

Please use the following Placecheck tool to identify features such as local footpaths, local heritage asses and landmarks, and add anything else that you feel the Neighbourhood Plan committee should be considering: www.placecheck.info/maps/kington2. You can also add comments and photos.


In May 2019 an open day was held in the village club to publicise the group’s work and to seek the views of people on the village generally, covering features which were considered important to the character of the village, likes and dislikes, and how people felt about its future.

In addition, the Parish Council arranged for a detailed Housing Needs survey of the village, which had a response rate of 51% - very high for such surveys.

The Local Planning Policy as drafted by Wiltshire Council does not require any significant development in the village up to 2026 and probably up to 2036.

From the information received from the surveys, the requirements of the Neighbourhood Plan are:

1. To retain the essential village character and the surrounding green rural environment.

2. To maintain a clear separation between the village and Chippenham.

3. From the Housing Needs Survey there is a need for 6 assisted homes and 4 private homes.

4. There is likely to be a further requirement for a small number of private homes.

5. Any development should be limited, designed and located so as to maintain the village scale, character and atmosphere.

6. The plan should seek to reduce the speed and volume of traffic passing through the village and provide additional parking where possible.

The group can now look further into detailed considerations and the preparation of a full report and plan progressing to an approved Neighbourhood Plan which will be legally included in County planning policy.

We are still small in number and would welcome new members. In particular we are in need of a secretary; if anyone is interested please contact John Hall on (01249) 750550.

Pre-vision Engagment Survey - If you haven't yet done so, please complete and return the Engagement Survey.

May: An open day
was held in Kington Club, to discuss the result of the housing needs survey and any other potential development in the parish. If there is any further housing or any other development it is important for parishioners to have a say in where and how it is done. 
There was an incredible 51% response rate to the survey - many thanks to all those who took part.


Are you under 50 years old and interested in joining our committee to represent that age group? Any decisions made now about the village will affect you in the future.  Please contact Claire Marlow via cdmarlow59@gmail.com.

Forthcoming changes will create a demand for more housing developments in this area; these include the electrification of the railway to Chippenham, the Dyson Campus at Hullavington airfield, the creation of a distribution centre at Junction 17 of the M4,
and the further expansion of Swindon.


It is important to try to ensure that the village develops as residents would like it to and so a neighbourhood plan is to be produced. This will become a statutory planning instrument, enabling the views of this community to be taken into account when future developments are considered.

Two aspects need to be considered - is there a need for new development in Kington St Michael, as there will be no requirement from Wiltshire Council until 2026? If there is a need or desire for such development what land might be available?

A steering group has been set up by the Parish Council to consider the issues and draw up a plan; however the group is small and mainly mature in years. If you would like to be involved please contact Claire Marlow via cdmarlow59@gmail.com.