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Conservation Area & Listed Buildings

To view a map of the conservation area in Kington St Michael, please click on the icon: icon  (N.B. You will need Adobe Reader to view the page - this can be downloaded free from here). For a description of the conservation area from Wiltshire Council please click here. Please note that if you live within the conservation area you may need planning permission for such things as tree pruning/removal or the erection of satellite dishes; contact the planning department at Wiltshire Council for further details. 

To view photos of some of the listed buildings in the parish please click on the icon, where you will view the English Heritage Images of England website. Please enter "Kington St Michael" under "Quicksearch": icon Please note that Images of England is a snapshot of the buildings listed at the turn of the millennium; it is not an up-to-date record of all currently listed buildings. For information on the current listed status of individual buildings please contact NMR Enquiry & Research Services.

To view a list of listed building in the parish and their grades (as at 21st April 2009), click here. Please note that other buildings may well be listed, which were in the curtilage of another property at its time of listing. This can be checked by contacting Wiltshire Council.

Kington St Michael Phonebox
In July 2007 the Parish Council heard from English Heritage that, following the PC's application, the Secretary of State has decided to list our one and only telephone box (Grade II). The listing took effect immediately and means that it is protected against unauthorised demolition, alteration or extension. There are now over 25 listed kiosks in North Wiltshire District with over 65 in total in the whole of Wiltshire. All are the K6 model with similar list descriptions, which do not generally differentiate between the pre-1952 structures and the post-1952 structures. Kington St Michael's appears to be post 1952 based on the crown.  Nationally, over 2258 kiosks are listed and about 2100 of those are K6 type.