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Documents & Policies

Financial Information for 2020
2020's financial information if being posted here due to this year's Covid-19 situation and the inability to hold public meetings:

Notice of Public Rights 2019-2020
KSMPC Annual Governance Return Sections 1 & 2
KSMPC Accounts Year End 31.03.2020

KSMPC Accounts Year End 31.03.19

KSMPC Accounts Year End 31.03.18

Code of Conduct
Please click here to view KSMPC's Code of Conduct.

Information available from Kington St Michael Parish Council under the model publication scheme

Standing Orders
Please click here to view a copy of Kington St Michael Parish Council's Standing Orders.

Grants Policy: Please click here to view the current Grants Policy.
Press & Media Policy: Please click here to view the current Press & Media policy.

2008 Boundary Changes
The effect of the 2008 boundary changes on Kington St Michael was simply to straighten up the Northern Boundary. Five small parcels of land have swapped between our parish and either Grittleton or Stanton St Quintin. Please click here to view the order order and click here to view a map of the land area swapped.

Annual Returns

Annual Return 31.03.20
Annual Return 31.03.19Annual Return 31.03.18
Annual Return 31.03.17 Annual Return 31.03.16

Annual Return 31.03.15

Annual Return 31.03.14 Annual Return 31.03.13

Annual Return 31.03.12

The title number for the Recreation Field is WT273760.